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                               Michigan State Basketball is a Blue Blood Program

By FinalFourU.com featured Columnist

     A writer for the Lansing State Journal wrote a very dishonest and poorly written article in which he wrote, "MSU
is not a blue blood basketball program. Never will be." It is sad that there are those who cover Michigan State
basketball who will look at every opportunity to write such outlandish opinion piece driven articles, for the sole
purpose to get clicks on their article and drive up viewer ship to their employers site. Michigan State Basketball
along with other programs such as the University of North Carolina and the University of Kentucky are solid blue
blood basketball programs. Here is why:

*16 straight NCAA appearances by Tom Izzo
* 6 Final Four appearances in the last 14 seasons
* 2 National Championships
* 10 Sweet Sixteens in the last 15 seasons
* 13 Big Ten Championships
* 27 NCAA Tournament appearances and been to the Final Four a total of eight times in its programs history.

     Now, why all of the venom towards Michigan State Basketball? Missing out on top rated 2014 recruits? Not
making it to the Final Four every single year? The inability to beat every ranked team on their schedule? Are you
seeing a pattern here? The expectations are very high at Michigan State for the men's basketball program and
anything that does not mirror perfection leaves it open to criticism. Sadly, unlike the "we will do anything for
basketball and we don't care about our football program" schools like UNC, IU, UK, Duke, etc. Michigan State
basketball competes for the attention of their fan base with their football program. The University of Kentucky on
the other hand, seems to have a dozen reporters just for basketball only.  We are the only one's who cover
Michigan State basketball exclusively and the other outlets that cover Michigan State University sports spends
most of their time, energy, money, and sources covering Michigan State football.
     According to our Chicago area sources, the highly sought out recruits love the attention, the twitter followers,
and all out fan worshipping of them at schools like Kentucky and Duke. To be perfectly honest, Michigan State
fans need to act like the obsessed Alabama football fans. It is sad but true, but these high school athletes for
whatever reason love the attention and fanfare. The second reason for the drop in recruiting is because coach
Izzo refuses to compromise on his morals and ethics. You can't blame Tom Izzo for doing the right thing.
     The Lansing State Journal writer wrote, "By all accounts, Ulis had the goods. He had the MSU connection.
And then Kentucky knocked on his door. That’ll keep happening. Time to consider pulling out of Chicago." First
off, Izzo should and will continue to recruit in the Chicago area and second, Izzo may have lost out on the top
Chicago area recruits but he has an amazing solid reputation among the high school coaches.  Our Chicago
area sources feel very guilty for misleading us and our readers on Ulis, but "outside" factors out of the control of
Tom Izzo were a major factor in getting Ulis to flip. Also, our Chicago sources told us that the only difference
between Mike Krzyzewski and John Calipari is that Calipari hides nothing and Krzyzewski hides everything. We
found that to be very telling among those in the inner circles of college basketball recruiting and can help to
explain why Izzo considers Calipari a close friend (Still confused by what they told us? Honestly, we found the
comparison odd as well).
     When Michigan State wins their programs third national title in April of 2014, we will all laugh at the above
mentioned article and be looking forward to the 2015 and 2016 recruiting classes. We will be watching players
such as Gary Harris playing in the NBA, we will be talking about another Final Four run in 2016, and more
importantly the university will be putting on the finishing touches on the Tom Izzo statue outside the Breslin
Center. As a wise former classmate at Michigan State once told us, "When your on top one thing is for sure,
haters are going to hate!" Til this day that crazy SOB is right, Go Green! Go White!

Don't forget that......
*That is 2005 Michigan State beat Duke and Kentucky in a span of 3 days to get to the Final Four.
*Also in 2009, Michigan State beat Kansas in the Sweet Sixteen and then when on to beat Louisville in the Elite  
Eight and beat UConn in the Final Four.

5 Star Recruits/Commitment: According to scout.com
Paul Davis
Shannon Brown
Durrell Summers
Delvon Roe
Adreian Payne
Branden Dawson
Gary Harris

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