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Bill Simmons
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EAST LANSING, Mich. -- What was the real reason for coach Tom Izzo's benching of Darrell Summers? Why are Raymar Morgan and Delvon Roe
underachieving? Why do we fall behind early at the start of the majority of the Big Ten games that we have played in? Could the injury to Kalin Lucas
have come at a worst time? I personally have not been this frustrated with Michigan State University basketball since the Alan Anderson free throw
debacle at Iowa in the Big Ten tournament years back. I and anyone else should not question the coaching of a man who has lead this team to five
Final Fours in eleven years along with a national championship and a wonderful run in Detroit last year. On a positive note Spartan fans, we lost to the
#6 ranked team in the country last night. We also lost on the road to a team fired up by the ESPN College GameDay Crew that last night beat Wisconsin
at Wisconsin last night. We are also tied for First Place in the Big Ten with games against Penn State and Indiana coming up.  The only major
concerns that Michigan State has is its upcoming games at Purdue and the only game against Ohio State at home on the 20th of this month.  
Michigan State has be constant this year rather it be good or bad.  We as fans should just hope that Kalin Lucas gets fully healthy and that Summers
and Morgan play up to the potential that we all know that they are capable of.  Spartan fans don't panic, just keep your head up because Izzo is our
coach and he has and he will lead us to a Big Ten championship this season.
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Sterling Heights, Mich. -- Who would have predicted years ago that the Michigan State men's basketball team under Tom Izzo would have gone to Six Final
Fours in a span of only Twelve years.  Kalin Lucas who was the 2009 Big Ten Player of the Year went down in the 2nd round of this year's tournament.  The
talking heads from ESPN nationally, to the local media and Detroit newspapers, gave up on Michigan State and our quest of reaching another Final Four.  
Players such as Chris Allen and Delvon Roe are both playing hurt but the love and sense of family drives them and their teammates towards another Final Four.  
The day has come and us Michigan State fans could not be prouder of this team.  There have been reports of grown men crying and there are those who are
speechless.  Regardless of where your loyalties reside with, it is very difficult to not love and respect what these men have done.  Next is the team from Butler
University and Izzo will once again have these young men like Green and Morgan ready.  And once again, the Drew Sharp's, Rob Parker's, and some from ESPN
and CBS will doubt Michigan State's chances of winning on Saturday but once again Tom Izzo and company will be looking to prove them wrong.  Didn't they
hear that we have their backs?  I guess not...
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EAST LANSING, Mich. -- FinalfourU.com stands by the story published here on 06/07/10 that Tom Izzo will be the head coach of Michigan State for the
2010-2011.  Our source has informed us today that it is very likely that Tom Izzo will eventually leave Michigan State for the NBA within the next five years.  
This highly watched developing story of coach Izzo visiting Cleveland today is much to do about leverage for an increase in base salary pay with an
agreement of guaranteed money provisions in newly formated contract.  Also, it means that coach Izzo is "getting a feel" of the process of making a future
leap to the NBA within the next five years.  Our source wanted
FinalFourU.com to know that Tom Izzo loves Michigan State University and that he should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity that he so deeply
deserves.  Remember MSU fans, Tom Izzo will be back for this upcoming season.  For those who are "freaking out" right now, remember that Tom Izzo also
visited the Atlanta Hawks a decade ago.
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Sterling Heights, Mich. --It's a nice Sunday and graduation parties and celebrations through out the state of Michigan are happening and everyone can't stop
from asking one question, "What is Izzo going to do?"  FinalFourU.com has told you the answer to that question but do you want to know why Tom and his wife
may not be happy?  Our source to FinalFourU.com tells us of Tom Izzo's wife Lupe not being happy with him "never" being home because of recruiting and
with his 37 public appearances for the University through out the year.  37 compared to another coach who happens to coach at a University in North Carolina
that only has to do 12 appearances a year.  Gilbert and company are assuring Lupe that Izzo will have 3 months of the year stress free and all to her and his
family.  However, when Dayton head coach is named.........what!  That is not suppose to happen until Izzo leaves, Tom Izzo will be back with MSU for the
2010-2011 season as we have been saying for a week now.
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EAST LANSING, Mich. -- It is great to back home and sitting down on the couch about to go to bed.  It just sucks that I have to work tomorrow morning unlike
these "journalists" who get to sleep in.  Seeing in person the look on Lynn Henning's face was classic.  I am tired but I will fill you in on some of the details
tomorrow night.
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For the last two weeks we have seen head coach Tom Izzo get verbal commitments from Denzel Valentine (Scouts Inc. grade 89), Travis Trice (Scouts Inc.
grade 88), Kenny Kaminski (Scouts Inc. 90) and some months ago Dwaun Anderson (Scouts Inc.grade 90). To add to those commitments, we have two more
highly rated and ranked recruits in the 2011 class. Branden Dawson (Scouts Inc. grade 97 and ESPNU 100) and Brandan Kearney (Scouts Inc. grade 96 and
ESPNU 100) are excellent shooting guards.  Now sources close to FinalFourU.com have confirmed that
Matt Costello (Scouts Inc. grade 91) has informed Coach Izzo that he plans to attend Michigan State University. Many MSU fans are upset though that more
highly rated recruits such as Gary Harris, Jakarr Sampson,
Amir Williams, Mike Shaw, and Jordan Hare will not be able to come to MSU because the upcoming commitment of Matt Costello will fill up our available
scholarships up to 2012.  The class of 2013 will be the next recruits Tom Izzo targets. We here at FinalFoulU.com have a response to those fans who are upset,
"Just be happy and don't worry."  Let North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky have the 5 star and highly rated 4 star recruits, for now. Tom Izzo is clearly
taking away recruits away from other Big Ten schools, such as Travis Trice (Minn. and NW.), Denzel Valentine (Wis. and U of M), Branden Dawson (IU and
Purdue), and Kenny Kaminski (OSU).  He is sticking to his "Midwest" recruiting strategy and staying away from the "National" recruits.  All is well, folks.
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As Promised, Izzo will be coming out in an Astronaut costume to go along with the tradition of being a part of the "history" of this season's Final Four city.  
"Houston, Izzo has Landed!!
Michigan State beating #9 ranked Purdue by nearly 20 points made me think of the Imported from Detroit commercial for the Super Bowl YouTube.
Here is our Commercial with Eminem's Lose Yourself song in the background.

About a week ago, some young punk started talking trash to Tom Izzo and told Kalin Lucas to get off of his (bleeping) court. Well, the Detroit News and Free Press
jumped in and pronounced Michigan State dead.  Radio hosts on 97.1 FM who graduated from Michigan State made fun of the team this week but they all must
of forgotten about MSU's basketball history. The fact that Kalin Lucas former Big Ten Player of the Year lead MSU to two straight Final Fours must have slipped
their memory. They must have also forget that Tom Izzo has a National Championship ring and has lead MSU to 6 Final Fours in 12 years. They also must have
let it slip their mind that MSU is on their way to their 14th straight NCAA tournament.  Most importantly they forgot this saying, "Winners Win and Losers Lose."  
MSU owns the month of March and Tom Izzo is Mr. March. So keep talking and MSU will keep on winning.  Imported from East Lansing...
By FinalFouru

Finally...The Story Behind the Percy Gibson Recruitment

As many of you already know, Detroit native Percy Gibson at 6-foot-9, 240-pounds committed to Iowa State after
decommitting from Dayton. So why did he not end up at Michigan State? The answer is Tom Izzo and Gary Harris.  The departure of Garrick Sherman left the
only true big men of Roe, Nix (don't be surprise if he ends of transferring by the end of the 2012 season), and Payne. Green and 5 star recruit Dawson are seen
more as small forwards than true big men.  The departure of Lucious opened up a scholarship for B. Wood.  The scholarship left behind by Sherman could of
easily been used by Gibson.  By all of our inside accounts, MSU was Gibson's #1 choice.  However, Izzo never fully offered Gibson a scholarship. Why did he not
offer Gibson? Izzo recruited and gave incoming and former teammate of Gibson's Brandan Kearney a scholarship and never offered Gibson.  When Gibson got
out of his verbal to Dayton, Izzo called and eventually asked him to come up to East Lansing for what many people have told us was a "try out".  Gibson was told
by people around him that why should he have to "try out" for a scholarship when many BCS type schools had already offered. Two, he was told by many people
around him that if Izzo really wanted him, why didn't he offer him when he offered his former teammate Kearney. Three, two words, "Cornell Mann". Four, when
Gibson officially visited Ames, Iowa in May, he already has a good relationship with two members of the Iowa State basketball program. Those men are former
Michigan State Spartans Chris Allen and Korie Lucious. Just read the quotes that Gibson said of Korie and Chris, "He is a good player. He can definitely shoot,"
Gibson said of Allen. "He's a facilitator," Gibson said referring to Lucious.
Percy Gibson is not just your average 3 star incoming recruit.  He had good offers when he chose Iowa State over Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech.  Everyone
that we have talked to on the AAU circuit tells us the same answer when asked why Gibson was not offered. Izzo thinks that he can get Gary Harris, therefore
needing that fourth scholarship and not being able to of had Gibson and still get Harris as his 4th verbal for 2012.  We all wish Gibson good luck at Iowa State
and to all of the MSU fans we have this to say....Gary Harris come on up to East Lansing.
FinalFourU For Life

By FinalFourU Founder

Why run, continue to put time and effort, and lose money on this site. Why spend time creating social media outlets for this site when the
return in minimal at best. Why get attacked time and time again by our critics and continue to proceed when we know we can't win for
winning. The answer is because we our invested in Michigan State basketball by the degrees we hold from Michigan State University. The
answer is because we love and are proud of the success of the Michigan State basketball program and can care less if we are ever
appreciated, recognized, and or thanked by those who seek are demise. The answer is because even though we have full time careers,
have families, and can find a thousand things to do with our time other than work on FinalFourU, we have and will continue to use
considerable time and energy to do what we love and it is FinalFourU. If you don't understand that, then you never will.
I watched a movie today that was recorded on my DVR for my niece called the
Big Year.  If you have not seen it, it is a movie about three
grown men who have families and important people in their lives but spend considerable time on what they refer to as "birding". In other
words, they go around the country and seek to spot and view various different type of birds. The three main characters each have people in
their lives who do not understand and question why they love their hobby and passion so much. All three are tempted to quit their hobby by
the nay sayers and they doubt themselves time and time again. However, they all finished what they started because they love their hobby
and they value the extra time they have on doing something they love. It is that simple and if you still don't understand, then like we said, you
never will.
We and any other human being can go anywhere in the country with a Michigan State basketball shirt and look anyone in the eye and grin
and smile knowing that whatever they say to you, you can comeback with something stronger and better. You can make a strong argument
that we have the best coach in college basketball. You can make a stronger argument that we are the most stable, consistent, and even
most successful basketball program in the 21st Century. Last but not least you can make the most profound statement that Michigan State
has appeared in a nation's best six Final Fours in the last 13 years and that every four year player recruited by Tom Izzo has appeared in at
least one Final Four. What other college basketball program can say that....wait for it.....none, that's right. If you still are confused and lost in
what we are saying, then like a broken record, you will never get it.
Finally, no matter how little the amount and number of friends that we have on
No matter how random the questions are from our fans on ask.fm
No matter how little the interest from people of ever connecting with us on linkedin
No matter how desperate we may seem to be that we even created a Myspace
No one should never doubt our love for Michigan State basketball, no one should ever demand that we give this up, no one should ever
question our intentions because when it comes down to it, we just love Michigan State basketball pure and simple. If you still don't believe
us then we will just leave you with this.......
Same Ol' G
Still doubting us? Then watch this.......FinalFourU that's what's up!

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The ACC proved that some journalists, message boards posters, and the media in general are full of ………

I thought that conference expansion was ALL about football.  I heard that the Big 12 this season was going to implode by now. I had read that Texas A & M was
going to be officially in the SEC by now and that Oklahoma was going to officially apply to the PAC 12.  Well, the ACC, Pitt, and Syracuse caught everyone by
surprise and OFFICIALLY announced that the universities of Pittsburgh and Syracuse would be joining the Atlantic Coastal Conference. Can anyone seriously
tell me that the ACC brought in Pitt and Syracuse for strictly football purposes?  Would anyone be able to explain to me that this move was made for the sole
purpose to bring in the mid-major television markets of mid and upper New York and the Pittsburgh market? Or was this because the ACC went into survival mode
because unlike the PAC 12, SEC, and Big Ten who are guaranteed a seat at the table in what will be the super conference BCS/playoff league, the ACC has
well positioned themselves to be a lock for that fourth mega conference and now has put tremendous pressure on the Big 12 and the Big East to not just let
alone get the scraps from the table, but to just survive this wave of conference expansion. Also, the ACC was very smart to realize that they would never be able
to unseat the SEC as the premier college football conference.  However, they have made a strong case that they will be the premier college basketball
conference.  Just look at what teams will be playing basketball in the ACC in the near future:  UNC, Duke, Pitt, Maryland, Syracuse, Wake Forest, NC State,
Georgia Tech, and maybe even Connecticut if the ACC chooses to expand to 16 teams. I am well aware of the fact that college football brings in the most
money in college athletics and that their television deals bring in a lot of money but don’t forget that college basketball brings in their fair share of revenue as
well. A 14-year, nearly $11 billion agreement with CBS and Turner Sports for the TV rights to a 68-team tournament is not small change people. Basketball
programs like North Carolina, Kansas, Michigan State, UCLA, Duke, and Kentucky are national programs that are well known and bring a great deal of money to
their schools and athletic conferences. It seems that almost every writer, blogger, and media member strictly focuses on the football aspect of conference
expansion. The ACC with their announcement this Sunday has proven otherwise.
                                                                                                    Our way too early predictions Regular Season only
2013-2014 Schedule as of today 28 games

Nov. 8th- Home- McNeese State                                                              Win 76-39
Nov. 12th- vs. Kentucky in Chicago                                                         Win 76-72 OT
Nov. 18th- Home- Portland                                                                      Win  81-45
Nov. 22/23- Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, and Seton Hall                           Win both games
(CVC Classic)
Dec. 4th-  Home- North Carolina                                                             Win 68-61
Dec. 14th- Oakland U. at The Palace of Auburn Hills.                            Win 56-41
Dec. 17th- Home- North Florida                                                              Win 83-59
Dec. 21st- at Texas                                                                                 Win 51-48
Dec. 28th- Home New Orleans (UNO)                                                     Win 72-47
Home Nebraska                                                                                      Win 48-37
Home Minnesota                                                                                    Win 61-45
At      Purdue                                                                                          Win 54-51
At      Wisconsin                                                                                      WIn 41-39
At      Michigan                                                                                      Loss  54-61
Home Michigan                                                                                     Win 68-52
At      Penn State                                                                                   Win 57-46
Home Penn State                                                                                  Win 62-46
At      Indiana                                                                                         Loss 43-52
Home Indiana                                                                                        Win 53-43
At      Illinois                                                                                           Loss 41-48
Home Illinois                                                                                          Win  67-52
At      Iowa                                                                                              Loss 48-52 OT
Home Iowa                                                                                             Win 71-54
At      Northwestern                                                                                 Win 57-56
Home Northwestern                                                                                Win 60-45
At      Ohio State                                                                                    Loss 56-62
Home Ohio State                                                                                   Win 58-50